Karmann Ghia - a quick catch-up

Last year I bought a running but rather battered 1971 Karmann Ghia, with the intention of converting it to electrical power. First I did a major upgrade to the suspension and brakes, had the gearbox rebuilt uprated and re-geared, rewired it, and got rid of any rust I could find. I’m not planning on putting all of that process online (sorry), but I do intend to share the electrical conversion process. 

This ain’t going to be cheap, or easy, but when I’m finished, I will be running on sunlight. 

Here’s an early pic of the car…


(please note- the ‘rust’ is paint (NOT my doing!) that actually hid a certain amount of rust, which I have been busy removing. Crazy really- it could have just been covered with a rust-killing lacquer to acheive the same result. Still, each to his or her own I suppose. Eventually it may get resprayed, but for now I am more interested in function over form.

So here are two pictures of what lies underneath!

DSC 3212IMG 2018

Red9Designs double wishbone front end rig with 4-pot vented disks and rack & pinion steering. it will steer and stop.

And the rear- Gearbox beefed up by Airdubs, HD driveshafts, a StiffyBar rig, and more Red9Designs suspension/brakes.

Next post- the start of the electrical conversion...

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