Its fully working

Oh dear- it’s got pretty out of date! 

The car is basically complete, and has been running for a little while. A couple of things needed ironing out, but I am driving around quite happily, taking the car whenever possible (I still need the van to carry the double bass!)

The suspension needed beefing up. It is running on Spax coilovers which needed heavier springs, as there is approximately 300Kg extra in both the front and the back. 275s in the front, and 325s at the back.

I had to tweak the brain settings a few times: I was getting an overvoltage error if the batteries were fully charged and I had too much regen. Dialled down the maxvoltage setting on the charger and all is ok.

Range is tested to 150 miles between charges. I should be able to get 180, but don’t actually want to run it dry to find out! I’ve recalibrated the speedo to allow for smaller tyres (oh yes- I put even smaller tyres on!) so the odometer will actually claim 200 miles before the juice runs out, but it is 180 miles in reality.

What else? Oh, you just want to see some pictures? Fair enough.

But then I got rid of the ‘looks like rust’ paint… under it was a layer of silver hammerite, a layer of dirt, and several layers of original pain, and a fair bit of rust. Ruty looking paint on top of actual real rust? Go figure. So it is now in a kind  of grey primer awaiting… being bothered to change it! ;-)

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